4L-360 Crusher Motor Belt, ATIM

Stock Code: H05042

The 4L-360 Belt is used with the 1/2 HP Crusher Motor in the 5200 LSM Ice Maker and the 3/4 HP Crusher Motor in the 1000LSM Ice Maker. 

(1) Belt for 5200LSM Ice Maker, (2) Belts for the 1000LSM Ice Maker

- V-Shaped drive belt

- Nominal Outside Length 36 Inches

- Top Width 1/2 Inch

- Belt 4L

- 5/16 Inch Thick

- Smooth


Depth 5/16"
Width 1/2"
Product weight 0.5 lbs
Machine Type Ice House Parts, Ice Hut Parts
Length 36"