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17 Panel Rebranding Kit w/ Trim

17 Panel Rebranding Kit w/ Trim

Stock Code: P01017

This kit consist of 17 (4X8) printed and laminated polymetal panels (luster finish) to cover the entire house.  This kit includes new trim for the Main Door Opening, around the Door itself, Outside Corners, Around the Top of the Roof and Drip Legs for the front and back of the House and for the Door.  New Bulk chute and Bag chute decals are included.  These new graphic panels will give the house a fresh, clean look without having to strip old decals and repaint the house. Prices and weights are custom printed to match the specifics of each individual house.

Note: Please include weights and prices for ice and water, water vendor or no water vendor, awning or no awning, any specific orientation of electrical panels, etc. in the Order Notes before submitting your order. 

Please note: Panels cannot ship via FedEx or UPS due to their size. Please contact Parts Department @ 888-388-1591 to arrange shipping. Panel orders will need a 2-3 week lead time!


Product specification 1/8" Thick
Width 8'
Length 4'
Machine Type Ice House Parts